Laser source for polymer welding

Innoptics develops, manufactures and offers various solutions well-suited for welding of thermoplastic materials.

Our laser heads are based on an innovative concept using robust and reliable laser diodes.
They show some competitive advantages compared to both usual welding techniques and to current laser solutions.

This allows polyvalence in the welded materials, flexibility on the weld seam shape and dimensions, as well as an ideal ability for welding of large dimensions.

New concepts solving new problems
The laser heads are the outcome of many years of development in partnership with the company PlastiCell .

They were initially developed for the specific need of thermoplastic films welding across large dimensions. In addition, the goal was also to be able to weld identical films one onto the other (rather than a transparent film onto a black one, which is fairly easy).
In order to achieve these multiple challenges, an innovative concept has been implemented, based on the generation of laser line with homogeneous intensity profile.
One main feature of the concept is that the laser head itself is coming in contact with the films, thus ensuring the pressure between the films without requiring mechanical fixtures.
This can be achieved thanks to the choice of a robust and reliable laser diode architecture.

Various types of welding methods can be addressed: transparent-, conduction-, contour- , butt-welding. 2D-and 3D- welding can also be performed.
Although the laser heads were originally developed for films, their use has been extended to welding of solid parts.



Improvements compared to traditional techniques (Ultrasound, hot plate, HF...):
Remarkable quality of weld seam (no visible mark on the outer surface)
- No consumables
- No emission of smoke nor particles; no contamination
- No glue and no additive material
- Perfect repeatability
- Ease of use
- Instantaneous use, no warm-up time needed
- Seam width can be adjusted upon request
- Long life time of the laser diode (> 100.000 h)
Improvements compared to competing laser techniques:

No limitation in shape and size of the pattern
- Easy integration into industrial machines
- Welding on large dimensions (several meters)
Welding of films as well as rigid parts
No need for mechanical clamping
- Perfect seam quality (thanks to the homogeneous "Flat Top" beam profile)
- Very versatile equipment: switch to another material to be welded is almost instantaneous
- Minimal maintenance
- High speed (> 1 m/s) and flexible process
No accessories and tooling
- Low cost
- Seam strength can be adjusted with laser parameters : either high shear force or peelable


Soudage bord à bordButt welding:
Aesthetic welding.
Structure en nid d'abeillesHoneycomb structures:
Manufacturing of alveolar structures in partnership with PlastiCell.
Poches médicalesMedical:
Robust or pealable welding of biomedical sterilized hermetic bags.

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Autres domaines d'applicationMisc:
Automotive, Food, Aeronautics, Cosmetic, Textile,...
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principe de soudagePrinciple :
In partnership with PlastiCell, Innoptics has developped laser sources for thermoplastic welding...
Soudage par transparenceTransparent welding:
Transparent laser plastic welding is widely used... 
Soudage par conductionConduction welding:
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Soudage bord à bordButt welding:
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