Innoptics is highly specialized in the packaging of optoelectronic components. We propose various services of customized packaging, from feasibility study to product design and manufacturing in small to medium quantities.

Our experts are used to handle optics, mechanics, thermal management and high frequency. Dealing with soldering of chip on submount as well as with package integration and wire bonding, we are also much involved in the process development and the design of dedicated microbenches for components assembly.

Being familiar with many processes and technologies, we select the most appropriate solution for each product development.





  • Know How
  • Services
  • Examples of realizations
  • Examples of fields of application

  • Design, modelling
- Optical-, mechanical-, thermal-, HF-design
- Use of various laser diode technologies (DFB lasers, VCSEL, QCL, photodiodes, phototransistors,…)
- Coupling in singlemode or multimode fibers
- Free-space transmission ; beam shaping
- …
  • Assembly
- Brazing, soldering, glueing, thermocompression bonding, ultrasonic bonding
- Flip-chip assembly of optoelectronic chips or ICs
- Package integration
- Hermetic sealing
- Wire bonding
- …
  • Process development

Integration of optoelectronic components often requires the development of dedicated micro-positioning benches, tools or fixtures for piece part assembly, as well as the set-up of specific assembly processes.  For instance, demanding requirements such as reliability or hermetic sealing must be taken into account and require very specific means and assembly steps.

  • Feasibility study

For most product developments, we propose a first phase dedicated to feasibility study, based on both modelling and experimental testing, in order to validate the concept, the technical choices and the targeted performances and trade-offs.
Some projects can hence be limited to feasibility study.

  • Main tasks:
- Analysis of targeted specifications ; preliminary product definition
- Analysis of several technical solutions
- Evaluation of selected design options
- Testing on preliminary mock-up
- Early Prototypes
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing
We are able to work on prototypes as well as on small to medium quantities (series of a few parts up to several hundreds are typically targeted). We can also offer contract manufacturing services on specific assembly steps.


Optical microbenchOptical microbench

Fiber couplingFiber coupling


Laser solideDPSS with intra-cavity frequency dubbing.


Module HHLHHL package integrating a pump LD (980nm) or QCL

Laser embaseFlip chip assembly of a 40 Gb/s LD on a silicon submount

Report de puces sur embaseDie bonding on substrate

Module Rosa & TosaRosa & Tosa module


PackagingTX & RX 12x10G


  • Telecom / Datacom
  • Space
  • Gas analysis
  • Industry
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Medical